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Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
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Luxury Dubai Tours & Travel

Easy Tours is the highest rated Agency for luxury travel & tours.

No agency facilitates Luxury Travel to Southeast Asia for more North Americans.

We have operations offices and staff all over Asia - most agency's pass you on to small local agents.


Unique and imaginative itineraries. Unlike other tour operators who offer Dubai tours with the same old tired themes and canned presentations, we offer unique and fresh perspectives that are designed with today's luxury traveler in mind. Read the brochures and/or websites of a few other tour companies. Observe how their Dubai Tours all sound the same. Then read a description of one or two of our tours in Dubai. You will notice the difference right from the start.

Luxury tours of Dubai costs less,and you get more for your money. All our Dubai tours are excellent values. Opulent Level tours of Dubai exceed the best our competition has to offer. They are exquisitely planned and offer the ultimate in service, lodging and dining. They include an individual visit facilitator for each room (or family) reservation.  As always, your payments and deposits are protected with Easy Tours, and are refundable as per the agreed upon purchase terms of your custom Dubai tour.

Travel in small groups. Our escorted Dubai tours are usually made up of 6 to 8 people, with the maximum being 12. Each escorted group tour gets a Tour Director (besides the facilitators, chauffeurs, and other support staff that will be available to you) whose sole purpose is to make sure you get the most from your day to day itineraries, and that you are very comfortable while indulging in your chosen activities during your Dubai Tour.

We will never rush you. The discriminating traveler has a vast array of choices and might not want to dash from one tourist attraction to another. Most Luxury Tour companies provide only the vehicles we offer at our Deluxe Level.

You determine the priorities. It's your vacation - you decide what to do. We use the word 'Tour' for want of a better term - we let you determine the level of service and attention you want during your tour of Dubai. Most activities during Easy Tours's Dubai city tours are elective, and you can opt out of sections when you are on a small group tour of Dubai.

Stay in exquisite resorts & unique luxury hotels.  We invite comparison on any grounds, and the hotels we use are an example of that. You'll stay at the best luxury hotels in the world with Easy Tours of Dubai, and we invite you to compare them to what our competition has to offer. Our guides and other staff are the best that we could find, and they are trained to satisfy even the most demanding guests. When it comes to luxury travel tours of Dubai, no other agency has the talent that our staff has.

We are local specialists, not wholesalers - We only offer the very best of Dubai.  Let us know the level of attention that you require, then sit back and experience a tour of Dubai that includes services and facilities fit for royalty. We let you enjoy and experience your Dubai tour while being pampered with comforts that you'd expect at the worlds best resorts.

We are at your service around the clock. At Easy Tours of Dubai, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. If anything dissatisfies you, we will remedy it immediately.  You will have access to our management throughout your Dubai Tour; E-mails get to Dubai in less than 5 minutes, and our staff is available by phone as needed.  If you have an emergency, will you risk counting on the agency that takes two or three days to get back to you, or will you choose to enjoy your Dubai tour with peace of mind, knowing that all of your requests and concerns will be addressed ASAP?

We respond faster than anyone else! When you send us an inquiry, when you have questions or concerns, when you have special needs arise while you are on a tour of Dubai, or if you send in a follow up question, we are on-call to make sure your Dubai tour is superior to any other.

We never cancel our group tours. Every month we get requests from people that have just been informed by their Tour Company (including industry behemoths like Tauck Tours) that their tour was canceled. Most agencies will do this if they do not sell a sufficient number of rooms on any particular departure dates. We will operate a group tour of Dubai if we only have one guest show up - guaranteed!

Easy Tours Of Dubai is a socially active enterprise. We support a few carefully chosen (local and international) charitable organizations in addition to our vast environmental projects. We are conscious of the fragility of our environment, and aggressively pursue policies of conservation and preservation throughout our operations.

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