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Luxury Travel in Dubai made EASY

11 offices in Asia - 53+ staff members in the Guest Services Division alone. Plus drivers, guides, and others. An expert design and guest services staff in the United States.

All for just a few destinations in Asia! That is why we have the highest guest satisfaction ratings in the industry.

How do we make travel in Dubai EASY?

No hidden costs - our prices and inclusions are clearly listed to make it EASY to budget.

Your travel planning is EASY because no one knows luxury travel in Dubai like we do.

No unnecessary hassles - we reduce logistic issues to EASY choices.

All this make it EASY for you to experience Dubai the way you want to.

Amazing level of personalized service - EASILY the best Dubai has to offer.


All our itineraries include:

World Class Service: From the moment you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. Your biggest decisions are what cuisine you will want to try that evening, and what sights or events you'd like to spend your time exploring.

Quality & exclusivity: Custom tour guests are never part of a group - whether it be for travel or sightseeing.

A few other things that make us unique among our competition:

We value your time. One of the biggest differences between us and all other tour agencies serving Dubai is that our tours are based on using the most efficient travel options between destinations. This lets you avoid significant discomfort and aggravation and enables you to spend more time exploring and relaxing at your destinations.

We save you money. Luxury costs less with us. Compare us to the other companies that offer services close to ours. We charge less than our competition.

No one offers the vehicle choices & expert staff that we do. We are local specialists & not wholesalers - We have offices in South East Asia and United States.

We respond quicker than anyone else! When you send us an inquiry. When you have questions or concerns. When you have special needs arise while in Dubai. When you sent in your inquiry, or a follow up question, which tour agency responded faster than the others? E-mails get to Dubai in less than 5 minutes, and calling there is the same as calling here. In an emergency, would you like to count on the agency that takes two or three days to get back to you, or us?

Easy Tours is a socially active enterprise. We support a few carefully chosen (local and international) charitable organizations. We are conscious of the fragility of our environment, and aggressively pursue policies of conservation and preservation throughout our operations. Please click here for more details.

You determine the priorities. You are the boss! It's your vacation - you decide what to do. We use the word 'Tour' for want of a better term - we let you determine the level of service and attention you want during your time with us.

Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we treat you like royalty by making sure all your needs are taken care off. You have the option to take any tour by yourself, starting on any date you choose, or build your own visit.

There's no rushing thru one tourist attraction after another. The discriminating traveler has a vast array of choices.

You're not risking your money. Unlike many tour and travel agencies operating from Dubai, your payments and deposits are protected, and are refundable as per the terms you agree upon at the time you decide to visit Dubai with us.

You're treated like royalty. Let us know the level of attention you require from our support staff, then sit back and experience service and facilities fit for royalty. We let you enjoy the experiences you're seeking, while being pampered with comforts that you'd only expect at the worlds best resorts.

Our attention to detail will surprise you. We're committed to your complete satisfaction. You have access to our management all thru your visit; if anything dissatisfies you, we'll do everything we can to correct it.

You get more for your money. All our tours are excellent values. Opulent Level exceed the best our competition has to offer. Our Opulent Level are exquisitely planned and offer the ultimate in service, lodging and dining. They include an individual visit facilitator for each room (or family) reservation.

Stay in exquisite resorts & unique luxury hotels. We invite comparison on any grounds, and the hotels we use are an example of that. You'll stay at the best hotels Dubai has to offer, and we invite you to compare them to what our competition has to offer. Our guides and other staff are the best that you can find, and they are trained to satisfy the most demanding guests.

Unique and imaginative itineraries. Unlike other tour operators who offer the same old tired theme tours and canned presentations. Read the brochures and/or websites of a few other tour companies. Observe how the same clichéd itineraries are used by every one of them.

We know the things that will probably make you uncomfortable, and we don't expose you to them unless you ask us too; and if you do ask, we let you determine the extent of your exposure.

The volume of information on this website may be overwhelming to people without a good working knowledge of Dubai. If you feel that there are too many options, we recommend that you consider the "Custom Tour Itineraries" or call us for advice and to help you with your travel plans.



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