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Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
Easy Tours of Dubai
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The wheels spin up fine sand as the tires powered by the four wheeled drive zooms you over the sand dunes sculpted by the desert wind. A surge of thrill overpowers you leaving you breathless. Behind you a billowing cloud of sand tracks your path and the inhospitable desert opens its wonders and you want time to freeze. Another day in your life, but certainly like none other before in your life. The magic has just begun and little do you realize that you are only a few minutes drive away from the dazzling city of Dubai. The air stirs you from the trance of Dune Bashing and you realize that the people of the dancing sands have more plans for you as the red ball of fire slides away at the far horizon. Hidden amidst the strands of the desert air the aroma of heady Arabic coffee and incense calls from the tents where heaps of rugs and cushions wait for you, our Sheikh. As you feast, the dancers sway to the strain of enchanting music and you are slowly transported to bye gone era, of magical luxurious Arabian Nights. Welcome o sheikh, to the paradise on earth called, Dubai.

Dubai symbolises ultimate LUXURY, just the way you like it. Las Vegas, Singapore and the Arabian Desert all rolled into one amazing treat for the five senses. Once upon a time it was a sleepy little fishing village and trading outpost. Today it’s a one of the biggest metropolitan tourist attractions of the world. In short, Dubai’s growth has been meteoric. People from 136 nationalities call it home and the brilliance of the human mind coupled with an amazing vision has created palaces out of the shifting desert sands. As parts of the world lose land to the rising sea waters, Dubai creates islands out of sand in the sea and makes it the home for the rich and famous. It’s the home of the Palm Island, the Burj Al Arab; the tallest hotel in the world, it’s the land where world’s richest horse race is held, where the greatest numbers of Boeing 777s and Airbus 380s will come to roost………… well, the list of opulence can go on and on.

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, a place where ancient culture merges seamlessly with modern technology. A world where east blends perfectly with the west, where old coexists hand in glove with the new. A dock where luxury cruise liners jostle for space with traditional dhows, a place where Bedouins on camels walk past bikini clad tourists on sandy white beaches, a land where you can play tennis on a helipad at the Burj Al Arab or watch the ancient art of falconry fold its wings in a graceful dive. If shopping, leisure and entertainment is your calling then we recommend that the Deira City Center should be your second home!! This shopping and entertainment marvel is spread over 1,300,000 square feet. It houses 370 stores and of course that includes all the famous fashion names like New Look, Banana Republic, Gap and Club Monaco.

Travel to Dubai, with the Easy Tours of Asia and experience the wonder and luxury called Dubai. We promise you the ultimate in Luxury. The finest life has to offer. Everything at its very best. Feel the magic of Aladdin’s land, smell the wafting fragrances of the desert air, see what was once only in yours dreams, indulge your taste buds in a cuisine perfected over a million camp fires and be transported by the enchanting music of the desert folk. Come to Dubai, O Sheikhs and walk the red carpet she unfurls for you.



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